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About the Project 5

The Project 5 is a part of the Project „Prevention of HCV infections”. The Project is cofinanced by Switzerland, in the framework of the Swiss Contribution to Poland, and the Ministry of Health.

Within the Project 5 a wide range of information and education campaigns will be implemented concerning prevention of blood-borne infections. The project is addressed to the health care workers, to the employees of non-medical services – who perform procedures involving skin injury, which may imply the risk of transmission of the blood borne infections (ex. tattoo saloons, beauty parlours).

During the realization of the Project, in the years 2013-2016, we will conduct residential training courses and develop several self-study e-learning modules. The training will cover up-to-date knowledge tailored to the needs of the target groups, including information on transmission of blood-borne infections (HCV, HBV, HIV), clinical course and the treatment of hepatitis C and placing particular accent on prevention of this infection.

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